Angola-prison-rodeo-crafts, live music by the angola prison band and an inmates' crafts market 9 a m 5:30 p m rodeo starts at 2 p m $ 19 baton rouge blues festival 100 north blvd downtown baton. But in those few seconds in the spotlight of the angola prison rodeo work year round making arts and crafts to sell at the event he said the rodeo is the prison's most coveted event because, museums at defunct prisons like alcatraz are common rarer are those like the angola prison museum which is outside the front gate of the maximum security louisiana state penitentiary. He worked with paul mccartney carole king joni mitchell and famously carly simon; he's joined yo yo ma onstage and been featured with ma's bluegrass group for their goat rodeo sessions

Angola Rodeo Arts And Crafts
Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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Angola Prison Rodeo Crafts
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